Wine & Chocolate Weekend 2014 – Manton Wineries

Join us this weekend for wine and chocolate.

Manton Apple Festival & Fall Events

Fall is here and harvest is in full swing! Lots of work going on around the winery and in the vineyards, the weather is nice and cool, and this is a great time to visit Manton wineries for a fun day of wine tasting. Why not combine a day of wine tasting with the annual Manton Apple Festival?

Thanks to Supporters of Bluegrass on the Mountain

Bluegrass on the Mountain was particularly special this year, thanks to all of the supporters who showed up and gave their time (and money) to the Manton student music program. The kids put on possibly the best performance in the history of the program due to special instruction over the past year on vocals and fiddle by Matthew Songmaker and Patti Anglin. Due to the overwhelming support of the community and sponsors, the program was incorporated into Summer SERRF this year. Patti Anglin, singer and guitar player for Wild Card Band volunteered this year in teaching vocals to the singing group. Matthew Songmaker has been teaching fiddle and mandolin since August 2012 and Lloyd Reag has volunteered for the program for the past six years teaching guitar.

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