Thanks to Supporters of Bluegrass on the Mountain

The Brass Reed in Redding donated a new fiddle for the awards, won by McKenzie Runnels for her dedication and commitment to the program, including skill level, positive attitude and practice initiative. Sky River Music donated a new guitar for the awards, won by Jade Deter for best guitar player and vocalist and her dedication and commitment to the program, including skill level, posititive attitude and practice initiative.

Manton Music & Arts thanks The Brass Reed and Sky River Music for these generous donations. Awards are what helps the kids continue with their talents.

2013 Sponsor List – Thank You!

Tehama County Arts Council
Wells Fargo Advisors
Jones Fort
Cedar Crest Vineyards
TriCounties Bank
Lepage Construction
The Long Ranch
Manton Corners
Diana Bangs Treats
Turtle Bay
Waterworks Park
Alger Vineyards
Connie Byrd
Peter Chu’s Restaurant
Indian Peak Winery
Plum Crazy
Rolling Hills Casino
Hall Farms
Wyntour Gardens
Gold Leaf Nursery
Dave’s Barrel of Fun
Greenwaste of Tehama
2 Buds BBQ
Dave’s Boots
Gaumer’s Jewelry
The Gold Exchange
Wilcox Oaks Golf Club
Oak Creek Golf Club
Jeree Largent Massage
The Loft
California Kitchen
Shingletown Store
Clint & Dena Hendricks
Marion Rocksvold
Michelle Heino
Abby & Gary Lawless
Ringtail Vineyards
Firehouse Pizza
The Brass Reed
Sky River Music
C&R Catering Co.
Angelina DeFratus
Connie & Craig Bryant
Brunella Deeds & Party
Lloyd & Mary Raeg
Joanna Ferguson
Patti & Gary Anglin
District 6 CA Old Time Fiddle Ass.
Harry & Linda Preston & Party
The Povey & Ferguson Families
Kathryn Rupp & Party
Tane Curran & Party
Christie Achor & Party
Michael Zoemisch & Party
The Runnels Family
The Simmons Family
Donna Eirish & Party
Wild Card Band
Elma Barron & Party
Martha Schraml & Party
The Van Riper Family
The Metcalf Family
The Clemons Family
Angie & Jonathan Skillman
Pastor Mike & Gayle Steiner
Liz Merry
Redwood Seed Company
Funny Farm Jams
Jewelry by Ann Rodriquez
Dana Southwick
Sbrina Ferrell
Deanna Hutchins
Round Table Pizza
Buds Jolly Cone
Alexis Simpkins
Rachel Molina
Lori McCallum
Sharon Hightower
Scoops Ice Cream
House of Design
Linda & Robert Strawn
Amanda Pritchard
Charlotte Rodriguez Party
Jessie Phillips

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